July Goal // Explore My City

This has been quite the interesting month. Quite the big transition has been happening–learning to take care of Rhys 24/7 (which I haven’t done since he was a year old), not working, etc. So, it’s been a little hard to figure out a good balance between errand/household duties, being a good and attentive mom for […]

June Goal // Organize My Home & Sell Lesson Plans

This past month has been one for the books. It hasn’t necessarily been busy or chaotic, but it’s been ridiculous. We’ve had unexpected, huge medical bills. A city park tree fell on our old car and totaled it, so now we’re going through all the red tape for claims, etc, to get our money from them. […]

May Goal // Sell My Lesson Plans

Holy cow! It is already the last full month I will be teaching indefinitely! I only have 3 days in June, but those are cleaning, yearbooking, field-day-ing, award assembling, and packing…not teaching. I can’t believe it! I’m gonna be real nostalgic on the blog this month! I decided that this year, my word would be […]

April Goal // Camera Skills

Wow! The year is already a 1/4 of the way done! I decided that this year, my word would be motivation, so I’m trying to keep that in mind each month. March’s goal was to Improve My Health. Here is how I did with my subgoals: – Run and exercise at least 5 times a […]