Get Fit Thursdays // Update and Q&A

Did you know how hard it is to kick fitness butt when you don’t have a gym membership and have to tug along a baby with you? It’s been about 3.5 months since I started participating in the Get Fit Thursdays. I haven’t progressed as far or as quick as I would have hoped, but […]

Get Fit Thursdays // Fitness Links

This week, I’ve decided to give you links to all the fitness posts I’ve ever done! Get Fit Thursday Plan and Goals My Health Story Workout Fashion Tips for Running with a Stroller Workout Games Workout Routines Meal Planning Motivation Ideal Shape Shakes Dr. Sholl’s Active Series Soles My Running Playlist Morning Runs Why I […]

Get Fit Thursdays // Workout Fashion

Workout Fashion. I’ve always thought the phrase odd. Fashion is about trends, looking good, being presentable, style. Working out is not meant to be glamorous, not meant to be pretty, not meant to make a red-carpet statement. I consider myself a true athlete: a get down and dirty, tumble in the mud, sweat stain athlete […]

Get Fit Thursdays // Running with a Baby

I love running! While in college, I did it all the time. But, it got harder the more “grown-up” I was. My first year out of college was also my first year of teaching…I was busy out of the wazoo. But, thankfully, I had less than a 10 minute commute and was still able to […]

Get Fit Thursdays // Work Out Games

How many of you like to watch TV? I do! I do! How many of you watch the same series over and over again or binge on seasons? I do! I do! How many of you have an elliptical, bike machine, or treadmill in front of your TV? I don’t! I don’t! So, I decided […]